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Formatting Syntax @wiki
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hanges, too. So don't rely on section linking too much. ==== Interwiki ==== DokuWiki supports [[doku>I... <-this </code> <file> This is pretty much the same, but you could use it to show that you q... <-this </code> <file> This is pretty much the same, but you could use it to show that you q
VideoNeat @search:documentaries
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4 | | medicine, society | [[searxv>Do I Drink Too Much? - trailer]] | https://archive.org/download/video... Monkey%20-%20Horizon%20-%20Do%20I%20Drink%20Too%20Much%20-%20BBC%20Two.mp4 | https://youtu.be/5w4RmbX4WR... the world they live in, and enjoy it. Reality is much more complex, amazing and wonderful than any movi
I Have No TV @search:documentaries
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od or Evil?]] | | | [[google>Are You Sitting Too Much?]] | AsapSCIENCE | | [[google>Arid Lands]] | Wild... ange a deck of cards?]] | TED-Ed | | [[google>How Much Water Should I Drink a Day?]] | | | [[google>How
Snap @playground:linux-apps
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| [[google>Cumulonimbus]] | Cumulonimbus is very much a work in progress. Please expect bugs. | | App S... file sharing, video conference, geolocation, and much more. Web and mobile client. MIT licensed Open So
Open Collective @playground
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xperience a default and make use of ServiceWorker much easier! | | [[google>The Verdigris Ensemble]] | W
Yunohost @playground:self-hosted
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files, pictures, music, contacts, calendars, and much more! | 26 December 2016 | jerome | | Timeoff Man
Electrical Engineering Apps @search:open_source
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armonic Calculator]] | helps users determine “how much voltage and current distortion might exist on you
Open Weather Map @playground
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e and easy - just $10 for one city, no matter how much data will you receive. ===== Weather map layers