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Open Weather Map @playground
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/current Access current weather data for any location including over 200,000 cities Current weather... forecast5 5 day forecast is available at any location or city 5 day forecast includes weather data ... recast16 16 day forecast is available at any location or city 16 day forecast includes daily weathe... ky) and historical data are available for any geo location (lat/lon) Interpreting of the UV Index and re
Templates @wiki
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==== Tooltips ==== <tooltip title="Sample Text" location="bottom">Lorem ipsum</tooltip> dolor sit amet... ... s Description title required Title of tooltip location top top, bottom, left, right, auto Location of tooltip html false true, false Enable DokuWiki syntax
flatpak remote-add @playground:linux-apps:flatpak
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-help Usage: flatpak remote-add [OPTION…] NAME LOCATION - Add a remote repository Help Options: -h, --... remote exists --from LOCATION specifies a configuration file, not the repo location -v, --verbose Print debug infor
flatpak install @playground:linux-apps:flatpak
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install -help Usage: flatpak install [OPTION…] LOCATION/REMOTE [REF...] - Install applications or runtime... e specified name --bundle Assume LOCATION is a .flatpak single-file bundle --from Assume LOCATION is a .flatpakref application description --gpg-
joinup @search:open_source
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orking conditions]] - [[google>ELISE - European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government]] -... explain"-standards]] - [[google>European Union Location Framework (EULF)]] - [[google>Slovenian Interop
AppImage @playground:linux-apps
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ad / System: Update AppImages from their upstream location / AppImage / MIT / Yes, can use AppImageUpdate | ... don’t remember the URLs. Type your term into the location bar (aka the Awesome Bar) and the autocomplete fu
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f buttons }; var proto = document.location.protocol, host = "whatshelp.io", url = proto + "/
I Have No TV @search:documentaries
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e | | [[google>How does your smartphone know your location?]] | TED-Ed | | [[google>How Evolution Works]] |
Open Collective @playground
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e>libpostal]] | We are on a mission to understand location around the world, in every language, using statis
pdf2htmlEX Windows Version @playground
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t: 1) --tmp-dir <string> specify the location of temporary directory. (default: "C:\Users\alexi
.IO Projects @playground
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735| [[google>bitcoinred.io]] | | 1736| [[google>location-analytics.io]] | | 1737| [[google>maku77.github.
Yunohost @playground:self-hosted
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u365 | | Owntracks | 0 inprogress | | Owntracks (location history) package for YunoHost. | 1 March 2018 | T