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Focus Energetic @noutati
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====== Focus Energetic ====== > Cuvinte cheie: [[google>America]], [[google>industrie]], [[google>macroeconomie]], [[google>focus agricol]], [[google>bănci & asigurări]], [[google... ndustrie, carburanți, petrol, aur, euro <cite>www.focus-energetic.ro</cite> </blockquote> {{rss>https://www.focus-energetic.ro/feed 100 description date 1d}} [<>]
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tn type="danger" size="lg" block="true">[[noutati:focus-energetic|Focus Energetic]]</btn> <btn type="warning" size="lg" block="true">[[noutati:energielive|Ener
Templates @wiki
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left</btn> </popover> ------ <popover trigger="focus" title="Dismissible popover" content="And here's ... ULL The title value trigger click click hover focus manual How popover is triggered. You may pass mu
Open Collective @playground
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automate the releasing of go projects, so you can focus on writing code! | | [[google>magit]] | We are on
Engadget @search:technology
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e leveraging our history to bring the future into focus. -- https://www.engadget.com/search/?search-terms
PortableApps.com @search:open_source
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[[google>Smart Deblur Portable]] - sharpen out of focus and blurry images | | Graphics & Pictures | [[goo
Documentaries & Film Studies @playground:open-education
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hannel is home to several different networks that focus on the military, animals, travel, etc. The Discov
Open Source @playground:open-content
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ffering highly productive desktop environment. We focus on security, reliability, long-term stability and
Flatpak @playground:linux-apps
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|Dragon Player]] | Multimedia | Video player with focus on simplicity | | kdeapps | org.kde.elisa | [[htt
AppImage @playground:linux-apps
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rusaControl is a 3d printer slicer software. With focus to be easy to use, novice friendly, multi-languag